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Updating Ubuntu 14.04

To launch the Ubuntu Software updater, open the Dash. Search for Software Updater, and click the icon for it to launch the application.

You can also watch for the software updater icon to appear in the dock on the left hand side of the screen. It will alert you to update your system. Click the icon to launch it.

Here we are with the Software Updater application running. You can scroll through the list of available updates to see what is available for your system. If you need to keep a package at it's current version, you can unclick it in this window. Please use caution if if you hold a package back from updating. Not installing security updates may leave your system vulnerable.

Click Remind me later if you want to postpone updating your system till a later time. Click Install Now to start the process of installing the updates to your system now.

You will authenticate using your user password to update your system. Installing new software always requires this authentication.

This window shows us the progress of the download process. Click the Details drop down arrow to see the progress of the downloads.

After the packages have downloaded, the Software Updater will start installing them.

When the updates complete, it may ask you to restart your system now or later. Not all updates need a restart though. Click Restart Later to postpone rebooting your system. Click Restart Now to restart your system immediately. Remember to close any running programs you have so that you don't lose any work.

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