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Exporting A VirtualBox Appliance

Since virtual machines are nothing more than a file on our systems we can easily export them so that we can share them with others or to create a backup for our own uses.

To export an appliance choose File from the main VirtualBox Window and then choose Export Appliance

Here we are presented with the Export Virtual Appliance window. Here we can choose the machine we wish to turn into an appliance. I will be choosing OFT LINUX TEST SYSTEM to export. Then click Next > to continue.

Here we are presented with Storage settings We are presented with the option of where to store our exported file, what to name it, and what format to export it in. For the largest compatibility it is best to use the defaults as presnted by VirtualBox. Click Next > to continue.

We are now presented with the Appliance settings here we can file out extra information about the virtual machine appliance we are exporting. This information is completely optional but can help other users know where it originated from should they want to find out more information. Click Export when you are finished.

It will take a few minutes for the export to finish. When it's completed you will be returned to the main window.

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