Open FOSS Training Episode 4

This week on Open FOSS Training, we will be expanding on the usage of VirtualBox 5.X series. In this video, we cover how to install VirtualBox Guest Additions, Importing and Exporting Virtual Machine Appliances, and Snapshotting a VM.  All of these features of VirtualBox can improve the functionality and productivity you can get from it.

If you would like to jump straight to the section you are interested in you can head over to our YouTube Page and click on the timestamps in the description or click the following links.

Section Video Documentation
Snapshotting a VM 2m 2s Snapshot docs
Installing VirtualBox 5 Guest Additions 3m 55s Guest Additions docs
Exporting a VirtualBox Virtual Machine Appliance 10m 38s Export docs
Importing a VirtualBox Virtual Machine Appliance 12m 24s Import docs

You can also download copies directly from our downloads section

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