We are the people coming together to help make Open FOSS Training a reality. Together we have nearly 60 years of combined experience with Linux and Free and Open Source Software.

Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams

I’ve been involved with Linux and Open Source for nearly a decade. I have developed a passion during this time for sharing the knowledge I have acquired. I truly believe that the greatest strength of the FOSS ecosystem is our ability to share knowledge with each other. I want to go further down this path and start creating video’s and documentation to help teach people new to the FOSS world and help them get started faster than I did when I got started in the FOSS world. I have implemented complete lab systems before using Linux and FOSS tools and I want to share the knowledge of how to go from being a new user of Linux to being someone creating solutions using these same tools. Together as a community we can build something great.

Picture of Jacob Neitling

Jacob Neitling

Hello my name is Jacob Neitling I am a Telecommunication engineer, maker, Photographer, Videographer, computer Specialist and consultant. I will dabble in any computer technology at least once. I specialize in hardware and making the solution work with the resources available. I have been a photographer and Videographer for over 10 years with many varying types of projects. I have worked with large enterprise environments all the way down to mom and pop shops including many not-for-profits. I have been recently growing my personal connections in the open source community with the advent of 3D printing technologies. I use many *nix distros including Ubuntu, Slackware, Open Solaris, RHL, backtrack, knoppix and FreeBSD. I have a passion for things techie, and I enjoy working my brain out on complex problems.

Picture of Josh Williams taken by his daughter

Josh Williams

I have used Linux for 7-8 years, not sure exactly how long. Learning Linux was what really got me excited about computers. I enjoyed them before but when I learned what Linux and FOSS was I realized that computing didn’t have to be so restrictive. To me Linux and FOSS embodies Freedom. Freedom to hate it, freedom to love it and make it your own.

I have worked as a SysAdmin (IT) for about 5 years but I never truly enjoyed it till I was able to roll out Linux servers and use Linux on my desktop. I now use a Linux desktop to admin Windows and Linux servers, and perform remote support on all our Windows workstations.

Picture of David Wonderly

David Wonderly

Documentation Specialist and Web Developer David Wonderly spent several years wading through forums and finding clues on how to install and use various Open Source programs. In 2007, David started answering as many help questions in the Ubuntu help forums and recording his answers and explanations with a document group. In 2008, he joined the Kubuntu Documentation team, and by 2009 he had taken the lead position in writing and structuring documentation.  Since turning that project over, David has been using his 20 years of web development to assist open projects by offering assistance with Web development, all things Open Source, and Android.

David has been a speaker at SCALE, CampKDE and various meetups and hackathons, as well as development summits. He believes that this project should not only help make Open Software more accessible, but that the knowledge should be shared in a concise and professional manner.

Picture of Joshua Burton

Joshua Burton

I’ve been a Linux user for around 10 years. My journey began with an old PC taken to an “Install Fest”, which was sponsored by a local LUG at a computer conference. With the help of many friends and strangers on the internet, I slowly began to learn my way around Linux and to understand what FOSS represented and offered.

It’s a journey that has lead to many places and discoveries. The software led to an interest in hardware. I began learning about electronics, robotics and even obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I’ve been a SysAdmin, General Contractor, Field Technician and of course worked the Help Desk. Along the way, I found I enjoyed to document and share the things I had worked on. I even found myself on a stage at various conferences to share projects or tutorials on the things I enjoyed.

I enjoy learning about many various topics, documenting and sharing what I’ve learned. Living in the future is great! To me, FOSS is about the freedom to explore without limitations, finding inspiration and discovery.
I look forward to sharing projects I work on and inspiring others to follower their passions.